What is the role of marketing companies?

Measure and analyze the performance of marketing strategies and tactics. A marketing agency is a service provider that helps companies use marketing to reach, encourage and convert users. Marketing agencies vary widely in size, specialty, and services. WebFX, PwC and Essence are all examples of marketing companies.

While all of these are valuable benefits, business leaders often hire outside marketing companies to help them with a specific project. You wouldn't allow your digital marketing company to answer your phones, so don't let them respond to your social media correspondence either. Typically, companies will maintain an internal marketing team, which will often coordinate projects with a marketing firm. Even if you can complete many of your marketing strategies and tactics internally, digital marketing companies are always the first to know what are the most cutting-edge, current and effective ways to promote your business online. For smaller marketing teams, this benefit of marketing companies is one of the main reasons they outsource their marketing.

So what exactly does a digital marketing company do? Within the 3 main objectives mentioned above, there are a multitude of avenues. However, you've read the statistics that show that 83% of companies are succeeding thanks to digital marketing. Full-service marketing companies are best for scalable, long-term marketing efforts, while boutique agencies are good for short-term specialized projects. Most companies hire marketing companies to increase sales opportunities, support sales efforts, build brand awareness and increase market share, in addition to increasing a company's reputation within an industry.

Good marketing companies help clients achieve their goals by taking time to learn about the customer's industry, target audience, and previous marketing initiatives. If you have any questions about the role of a marketing firm or if you're looking for a great marketing firm to help you grow your business, let's talk. Companies without a marketing team or without any experienced marketing leadership often use agencies to fill those positions, sometimes creating relationships with the agency that last for years. A traditional marketing company, for example, will not offer a digital marketing service such as search engine optimization.

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