What do people want from a marketing agency?

You want to test the viability of a new product concept. Most of them will have a strategy template or lead generation process that covers the steps shown below. A couple of years ago, Ford ended a 75-year partnership with WPP as its sole advertising partner. Instead, Ford named BBDO its leading advertising agency.

Along with BBDO, Ford also named Wieden + Kennedy as an “innovation partner”. It also brought in more than 100 internal marketing specialists to reassign some key functions within the company. In other words, customers now want limited experience, not extensive knowledge. As with most of the changes of the 21st century, the Internet can also be blamed for this. A small business isn't limited to the five agencies located in its hometown; it can reach millions of agencies around the world for specific skills.

The increasing complexity and competitiveness of digital marketing don't help either. Two decades ago, adding a handful of meta tags and writing 500 words of content was enough to improve your SEO. Now you need half a dozen team members and a six-figure budget to get the same results. Clients don't want a partner agency that can do everything; they want partners that can do one thing really well.

In an ultra-competitive environment, limited experience gives them confidence that the agency can truly carry out bold, results-generating campaigns. Take a look at the Forbes survey on what agencies and clients consider important. Clients give high priority to media strategy, while for agencies they only represent 10% of the pie. Being “strategic” is not sound advice.

If you're doing creative work for a client, it's also difficult to go from writing texts to planning their 3-year media campaigns. This makes a lot of sense. Anyone can buy an ad, but creating a complete media strategy (let alone executing it) requires experience and skill. This is exactly the kind of specialized skill that makes hiring an agency a smart decision.

Clients are right to value it, and agencies may want to explain more openly how their media strategy skills can help their clients. Agencies often overlook this point, but clients would like their partner agencies to provide them with more information about consumers. You have to know all that. You and your customer must also be 100% in agreement about this. Pam is an award-winning freelance content writer with experience in SaaS, MarTech, and small business marketing companies.

A ghostwriter of business books in her spare time, Pam always writes from the perspective of a B2B business owner. Specialize in content marketing for companies in the financial sector, in the creation of websites for law firms or in search engine optimization for hotels in your area. However, nearly half (43%) say they plan to invest more money in developing marketing strategies over the next year. It's one thing to hire a new employee to work in your marketing department, but when you incorporate a marketing agency, you have a team of experts who live and breathe digital marketing.

Working with a growth marketing agency is one of the best things you can do to achieve phenomenal marketing performance. After 18 difficult months, 80% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) say they have recovered from the effects of COVID-19, and almost half (43%) say they plan to invest more money in developing marketing strategies over the next year. Marketing helps introduce your company to your target audience, but remember that effective marketing isn't easy. Outsourcing your marketing allows you to avoid the hassle of interviewing individual marketing specialists for your internal team.

We have a team of more than 30 marketing specialists, including data scientists, content creators, design specialists, marketing managers, and more, who will work on your account to make your vision a reality. If you dig deeper and find out why, it may be because the company's CEO read that other companies were successful with social media marketing on TikTok. In-housing offers greater control over brand messages, but most companies struggle to execute impactful marketing campaigns due to a lack of talent and internal support. When you're working with an agency, this won't be a problem, since their job is to keep track of marketing trends and ensure that your marketing is exactly what people are looking for right now.

Growth marketing agencies will examine their current marketing strategy, study its flaws, and identify ways to improve it.

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